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"The most advanced analytical prescribing solution for the NHS."

What does eclipse stand for?

Education & Cost-analysis Leading to Improved Prescribing Safety & Efficiency.

What is eclipse?
  • eclipse is a new service from prescribing services ltd designed to optimise prescribing utilising powerful computerised technology interfacing with primary care computer systems, EPACT, NICE, QOF, SUS data and
What is eclipse live?
  • eclipse live is the latest application from eclipse allowing forward thinking PCTs to have the ultimate patient safety interface.
Where are the savings made?
  • The Savings are generated from increasing the cost-effectiveness of prescribing in primary care.
How is this possible?
  • Each year your CCG wastes millions of pounds on inefficient prescribing.
  • eclipse optimises the prescribing efficiency by assisting your prescribing team and primary care prescribers in a number of ways:
    • By identifying inappropriate prescribing.
    • By identifying more cost-effective or safer alternatives.
    • By assisting in implementation of these identified alternatives.
    • By continually auditing the uptake of these changes by prescribers.
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